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The Irish are technically not identified as a race among popular culture, but through excessive cultural subversion they are able to blend into Cianniger society unseen despite inherent genetic differences.

Irishman and Cianigger differences[edit]

While Irishmen and Ciannigger seem fundamentally the same at first glance, there are some fundamental differences

Cianiggers The Irish
have better centrist reasoning, as a result they are able to instantly become subservient to anyone as long they get enough SuperPACs have no centrist reasoning. The irish often causes violent acts of aggression, even if they ignore freedom and justice. Even in pub, which is said to be the most holy place of all
normal, dappered cia-centric hair a grotesque display of rat's nest appears protruding from his head, in the color red.

The ☘️☘️☘️Luck☘️☘️☘️ of the Irish[edit]


Because of cultural subversion, the Irishman has convinced western society that he has been oppressed by xenophobia and british imperialism, even going so far as to blame the famine on the workings of the Ciannigger state. In Ciannigger society, this belief is known as "CIA guilt", which is that anyone born of CIA blood must oppress themselves to give back to society for their violent ways during the Potato Famine, as well as other historical events such as MK Ultra and COINTELPRO.

Present Day[edit]

In postmodern Irish-controlled culture, Irishmen have masked their social control through a phenomena they call "The Luck of the Irish". Rather than attributing EU subsidies and the Federal Reserve to social control, they blame all of their parasitical fortune on luck for being born of Irishman blood.

Gold, subsidies, and the EU[edit]

due to the Irish cultural obsession with Gold and Luck, the Irishman is compelled to ruin capitalism and succumb to degenerate profit-driven behavior due to his lack of centrist reasoning. Though this feature is commonly attributed to Jews, this is just an Irish red herring in order to mask their gold-hoarding tendencies.

Irish gold-hoarding can only be prevented by naming the Irishman. once the Irishman has been spotted, they are obligated to squirm and recompense for their undialectical ways.

Naming the Irishman[edit]

To name the Irishman is to name the Irishman's methods of social control. to do this, one must provide anecdotes on all the evil atrocities they've been engaged in. These include:

The US Government
Over 50% of American Presidents were Irish. They institute their social control by spending their negative income tax on marketing teams to win the presidential race
The Federal Reserve
A pylon of modern cianigger slavery. Used to oligopolize the job market so cianiggers are constantly in debt. Various Irishmen were nepotized and served as chairman, governers, and lawyers. The "McFadden" act was used to bring it under total Irish dominion.
The European Union
Ireland has a higher quality of life score than all EU countries, yet receives more benefits than even the poorest countries. The Irishman must use his money to purchase more gold to hoard.
Often, an Irishman can be spotted simply by viewing his last name. It will usually starts with "Mc" such as "McDonald" or "McConaughey".

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