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Posadism is a philosophy that states extraterrestrials would have little profit-motive for traveling to Earth, and so their arrival would demonstrate they don't compete for materials.

Posadists also believe that such a meeting would test if humans are able to liberate themselves from material competition concerns.

J. Posadas, the figurehead of the philosophy, also advocated nuclear war as a way to liberate groups marginalized under our current economic system.[1]

The theory[edit]

As mentioned earlier, Posadists believe aliens would have socio-economically advanced, uncompetitive societies. This means that, according to Posadism, alien societies would be analogues to communism.

The alien's motives to come here were said not have to do with material gains, since there exists a plethora of uninhabited planets full of resources. Them attempting to get resources from Earth would mean a fight. A species like them would likely have gone beyond the need or want to fight over resources. Instead, they would seek us out for our potential to join them for mutual benefit.

This may mean we have to prove our worth as a species in the capability to build a global Socialist society on our own. They may have already found us, but they lay low in wait to reveal themselves.


Posadism is named after, and follows the thought of, Homero Rómulo Cristalli Frasnelli, aka, Juan Posadas, or, J. Posadas, and the spread of the theory was generally confined to Latin America.

The Posadist movement split off from the Pabloists in 1962, over differing opinions about nuclear war. The Pabloists had previously split off from the original Latin American section of the Fourth International.

J. Posadas wrote about such things beginning in the late 1960s. His seminal text was, “Flying Saucers, the Process of Matter and Energy, Science, the Revolutionary and working-class Struggle, and the socialist Future of Mankind.”



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