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A Pol user in his natural habitat

A polyp is the lowest human lifeform currently in existence on Earth. They reside on 4chan.org/pol and 8kun.top.

So worthless is the average specimen that it thinks itself to be some sort of “masterrace”. Whenever these creatures assemble in public (a rare yet notable event) the truth is quickly revealed to be quite the opposite. /Pol/yps can be compared to all sorts of diseases, parasites and annoyances.

How to repel[edit]

Wherever they thrive, they will let you know, so the best way to repel them is either to

  1. Post stuff that “triggers” them (such as anything fun or non-white) or
  2. Tell them to fuck off. /pol/yps have been compared also to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, albeit in a electronic form. Anyone with experience with this plague will understand.


Deep in their heart, the /pol/yp knows what a hypocritical pathetic freak they truly are. They congregate together and vigorously masturbate each others egos for hours a day, straw-manning their enemies and calling any dissenting opinions “shills”.

The Tide of History, Testimonials from /interracial/[edit]

“I also fap to so much shit that /pol/ would probably murder me on the spot if BOs and vols could see every post you made on each board. I detest all transfags with a passion yet fap to all the cute ones, have both femdom and gynarchy fantasies where Muslim women take over Europe and force white men to breed them, and genuinely believe Jewish women are prettier than white women. Any way you look at it, it does sorta turn me on that a good chunk of the people going "muh degenrussy" on /pol/ secretly gets off to it.”

— /interracial/ 8ch user

“I've tried to rationalize this horrid addiction before. I think my belief is that blacks, due to their low has, make horrible leaders, but are great at fucking. We whites could run our societies and keep things functioning, and grab the biggest, long-dicked Africans to fuck our wives. We could even give them vasectomies too, so they could fuck our wives without consequence. ”

— /interracial/ 8ch user

Here we see the polyp emerge again

“Can confirm. I'm 20 and "Alt-Right", but I am addicted to interracial porn. As a young guy, I'll say that high school was a major blackpill. Almost every single hot white girl preferred black guys and were total thots.

I am attracted to feet as well, and the closest thing I have had to sex was online sex role play where I pretended to be a white slut who fucked BBC. I frequent /pol/ and other fascist sites, I know that this is all a Jewish trick, and yet it's still the only thing that gets me hard. Should I an hero or something for being a degenerate.

Finally, I have tried to use nofap, advice from the Golden One, Christianity, none of it works. I am too addicted. If anyone can help please help me, it's ruining my life. I legit go out in public has imagine all the girls in open toed shoes barefoot and riding BBC.”

— /interracial/ 8ch user

“Very much a white nationalist and love white women with black men. Worse love nordic women with black men. Even worse want our own precious women warriors seeded with black cum”

— /interracial/ 8ch user

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