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Account Creation[edit]

Anyone can instantly create an account using the create account button up top.


  • If you create a new page that is a common dictionary word, please try to include parentheses in the title clarifying what it is: e.g. 'Master (Forum Admin)'
  • Please try to create multiple inbound and outbound links to your new pages from existing pages using double brackets [[ ]] and See Also sections. Think of tome like a browsable pastebin.com. You dump whatever you want, but people can also browse to it and out of it.
  • Everything except the main page and the site information pages are editable by anonymous users or registered users.
  • The above aren't as rules Tome is defined by it's lack of rules, but its highly encouraged. For rules see Terms of Service.

Image upload/embedding tutorial[edit]

If you want an image upload you post the image URL in your edit as such:

  • paste an imgur URL of your own photo or a URL from a public domain image site in the text anywhere. The image will not hotlink, that is ok, just paste the URL.
  • if we deem the image worthy for upload and we happen to come across your page or edit we will upload and embed it to Tome for you!
  • pexels is a good site for public domain images, you may also take photos yourself
  • if an imgur upload of your own photo, put the Title, Creator name, Image source (self, database, website, book, postcard, vendor, etc.), and license of thyoure image in parentheses next to your URL.

Direct image uploads like Wikipedia uses are purposefully disabled for regular users to combat spamming and bad actors.

Example of how to get your image on Tome[edit]

(user creates a spoon article)


The spoon is a utensil for eating. (Admin upload/embed this for me on the right https://www.pexels.com/photo/stainless-steel-spoon-40561/)

Youtube embedding[edit]

Embedding youtube videos was purposefully made easier than using images. To embed a youtube video, simply use the tags: <youtube></youtube>