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Communism is the final stage of history, or alternatively, the point at which history finally begins. A stateless, classless, moneyless society in which everyone labors according to their ability, and is provided for according to their need. The term may also refer to the political ideology and real movement that strives to establish this state of affairs.

While some people would insist that communism has never been tried, this is factually incorrect. In 1917 a revolution took place in Tsarist Russia that would later turn the country into the center of 20th century really-existing socialism. Although many communists still hold to the tenets proposed by Vladimir Lenin, the Russian Revolution and all its later derivatives are near universally considered failures. It is important to remember that Marxist-Leninist communism isn't the only developed strand. Far from it! Dishonest liberal and aut-right pundits often try to get away with conflating Stalinism with Leninism, Leninism with Marxism, and Marxism with communism, while very important distinctions have to be made. Properly speaking, Marxism isn't even a political movement, but rather a theoretical model to understand capitalism.

Marxist Communism[edit]

Marxist communism refers to communist praxis conforming to the program Karl Marx envisioned his Communist Manifesto (1848).


Looks kinda like the Youtube channel: TheFinnishBolshevik


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Follows the revolutionary praxis developed by Mao Zedong.



Hoxhaism is a radically anti-revisionist strand of Marxist that is well-known for its love of mass-produced bunkers.




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Cybernetic Marxism[edit]

Cybernetic Marxism is an economic ideology which advocates the use of computing devices in Economic planning. One of the most popular advocates for this is W. Paul Cockshott, a Marxist-Leninist and Computer Science PhD. He, along with Economist Allin Cottrell, detail the use of computer feedback control for economic planning in their 1993 publication Towards a New Socialism. In it, he also addresses what he considers the failures of former communist countries, and critiques their management of democracy and planning.


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Anarchist Communism[edit]

Utopian Socialism[edit]

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The one Communist ideology to bind them all[edit]

This is the true movement that all Communists strive for to unite against the Bourgeois and their cronies. Many broad leftist fronts have strived to find the ideology but have failed. The quote by Otto von Bismarck sums up the purpose the Ideology is to fulfill, "Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!". The statement have held true in examples such as the Russian revolution and the Spanish civil war. Autistic squabbles about differences in praxis led to sectarianism and the fall of some movements around the world. Some movements were able to succeed in the toppleing of the Dominant class and have since fractured into one dominant Communist ideology shortly thereafter.


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