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The aut-right (known by some as the alt-right) is an internet support group for the mentally retarded, helping them cope with their otherwise insufferable loneliness and alienation by offering them a political objective. Since the participants are fundamentally incapable of anything productive, this does not entail them addressing actual societal problems. Instead it focuses on the reversion of the enlightenment values that underlie the modern achievements of the human race.

In this article, the term 'aut-right' is used to refer both to the 'alt-right' and 'alt-lite'. These exist on a single continuum. Any distinction we make will be a concession to their incessant snowflakery. No one in the aut-right will ever admit their participation in it, because they are afraid that their NPC-like thought patterns will become obvious. Nevertheless they are easily recognizable through their repetitive rhetoric and inability of original thought.


Cringe is a popular term in image board culture that roughly corresponds to the normie notion of vicarious embarrassment. It plays a pivotal role in the functioning of the aut-right. To understand the role it plays we must observe that it invariably includes a projection of one's own insecurities. The fascination with cringy material follows from the objective reference it provides towards mistakes you yourself are afraid of making. For the insecure aut-right snowflake these mistakes are endless. Aut-rightists have a stalled mental development. Their psychology corresponds to that of a middle-school bully who attacks the socially disadvantaged in order to assert his difference from them to his peers. Nothing is more urgent to them than the need to conform, especially because daily life doesn't permit them this luxury.

The principal object of the aut-rightist's cringe is the "SJW" or "Social Justice Warrior." An SJW is best described as a radical liberal, the weird aberration you get when American capitalists try to appropriate radical politics. Aut-right people are not intelligent enough to engage in systemic critique however, and can only explain the world in terms of cartoon villain conspiracies. As such the actions of SJWs are explained as the result of a Jewish cultural Marxist plot to destroy Western civilization. Unlike this organized conspiracy proposes, what is commonly referred to as SJWs are in face a rather disparate set of phenomenon, including self-important teenagers on Tumblr, a desperate US political party, clickbait authors looking to stir controversy, and corporations engaging in easy PR while peddling sterile politically correct products. In these things the aut-right identifies the largest threat to humanity that ever existed, for no other reason that it is the only political issue these sheltered snowflakes have ever had to face.

Aut-rightists obsessively collect instances of cringe in imageboard cringe threads, YouTube cringe compilations and dedicated subreddits. These instances may be images or videos of people deemed unattractively dressed, ignorant comments ideological opponents made on the internet, and public outrage by emotionally immature people. One immediately sees how the projection of insecurities functions here. It is safe to say that all aut-rightists have often worn awkward outfits, shown inappropriate emotions in public, and above all, said dumb shit on the internet. In all honesty, we all have, and it isn't that much of problem. Aut-rightists do see it as a problem however, and engage in the sharing of cringe to mutually reinforce their miserable self-hatred.

Although there are obviously numerous examples of cringe to be found on the internet, aut-rightists nevertheless have such weak critical abilities that they consistently fall for obvious fakes. Many among them do produce false cringe materials, perhaps looking for attention or even out of a conscious desire to propagandize. When they fall for such transparent tricks, they usually explain it away as being a "Poe," referring to Poe's Law, which states that sufficiently absurd beliefs become indistinguishable from parody. An easy excuse to not have to engage your critical faculties. If something turns out to be fake, you can say your inability to spot it reflects poorly on your opponents instead of on you.

Besides fakes, these threads consist of cherry-picked examples, usually taken wildly out of context and preemptively made to seem ridiculous through dishonest commentary. Their artificially manufactured abundance leaves people with the false impression that they are dealing with a genuine societal problem.


The aut-right largely developed during the GamerGate shitshow. While initially an outcry against dishonest gaming journalists who didn't in any way represent the gaming public, it eventually descended into far-right hysteria, partially because it was always depicted as such by the gaming press, but also because opportunist far-right pundits from Breitbart saw a brilliant opportunity to spread their ridiculous lies, these helped the voices of GamerGate (pretentious idiots on YouTube) to optimize their business model of shoving alarmist propaganda to the masses. The sharing and commentating on cringy SJW materials became a true industry in which many artful entrepreneurs made their profit.

GamerGate started when a YouTuber named MundaneMatt made a video concerning a set of elaborate accusations by the butthurt ex-boyfriend of the notorious SJW Zoe Quinn. This video was subsequently taken down through a false DMCA request by someone presumed to be Mrs. Quinn herself, and MundaneMatt became the movement's Franz Ferdinand of sorts. A couple of years later, however, MundaneMatt himself turned out to have no problems leaving false DMCA requests all over the internet, as was proven when viewers tricked him into opening a page showing pending DMCA charges during a livestream. There is much reason to suspect GamerGate of being a sham from the very beginning, organized by greedy YouTubers manipulating a naive public either just because they find this funny, or in order to make a profit.

Why nationalism?[edit]

While aut-right idiots might insist they are nationalists, in truth they hate everything about their nation. Its cultural heritage couldn't be less important for them, because they are entirely illiterate in such matters (although they unscrupulously engage in pseudo-intellectualism). What they seek to uphold is a made-up ghost of their civilization based on vague ideas they caught when playing video games. Neither do they care much for the people around them. The opposite is true, they deeply despise them and everything they stand for. All they care about is their skull and DNA, which they will insist defines what an individual is. A reassuring thought to them, because they have no personal achievements or developed skills to speak of. This is a first reason they are nationalist, it gives them a claim to the things other people built before they were born.

But the true reason for their nationalism is their self-hatred. Aut-rightists are alienated from their real communities and instead live deeply online, there they have an elaborate culture not tied to any race, people or geographic region. While any healthy individual would embrace this fact, and take pride in being pioneers of an entirely new social phenomenon, mentally-ill aut-rightists do not do this. They do not wish to acknowledge what they are because they are so deeply ashamed of themselves, and opt to rather assert the exact opposite. A close and exclusive national community that disciplines its people, and would never admit low-life scum like the aut-right to exist in their nation. Aut-rightists wish nothing more than their own annihilation.

Legitimate Concerns[edit]

It is easy to poke fun at the aut-right. The entirety of it is patently ridiculous. Yet at the same time, we should be open to the people caught up in it. Contrary to the strict genetic determinism the aut-right espouses, every human being is liable to get caught up in idiocy, especially under the psychologically devastating conditions of post-modern capitalism. Because of this, we should take the time to examine what the moment of truth was in the emergence of the aut-right.

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