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8ch.net/leftypol, was a board on 8chan dedicated to radical leftist politics. They generally liked to shitpost about being Hoxhaist and enjoying a socialist paradise in a post-apocalyptic nuclear war inside a bunker (bunkerism). Leftypol mainly comprises of authoritarian leftists opposed to identity politics and are mildly critical of feminism. Popular leftypol hobbies include fangirling over people like Cockshot

Bernie Sanders and the 2016 election[edit]

While Hoxha was running, Sanders was this capitalist hero to leftypol who was bravely and proudly fighting for the bouj class. After Sanders endorsed Clinton, he became public enemy #1 to leftypol, and acted like they never endorsed him to the point of organizing phone banking for him (they did not tbh).

Richard Wolff[edit]

In 2017, socialist economist Richard Wolff accepted money from leftypol to let him mention them at the beginning of one of his boring and uninformed public speeches. Basically all Richard Wolff said was, 'this speech is sponsored by leftypol, which is a collective of people engaged in pretty much what the name suggests '. Leftypol staff then made this phrase the catchphrase of the site, always under the logo[1].

Board Owner (BO) purges[edit]

Leading up to the defeat of ISIS in Syria, there was contention as to whether the anti-imperialist Assad deserves to win the war, or if the Anarchist YPG Militia should. BO decided to pass a rule effectively banning any pro-YPG talk and the board split into third-worldist and anarchist boards. For those of us who aren't retarded LARPers, this as a massive pain in the fucking ass if you want to criticize any Communist country at all.

Incel cycled thread[edit]

In early 2018, whenever a thread about inceldom was made, it would always rise to the top, getting hundreds of posts. This caused leftypol staff to cycle a thread dedicated to incels. This cycled thread went away after an 8chan server crash.

Gorilla Posting[edit]

One particular sockpuppet user likes to post pics of Gorillas a lot. For no reason.

New Posting Requirements[edit]

Shortly after the admin freakout, the new rule on leftypol was that every post had to contain a minimum number of words that basically equalled a small essay. This annoyed the leftypol userbase and a schism was formed with users moving to leftpol.

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